We can’t imagine starting 2020 on a higher note than being chosen to be the “house band” for the 2020 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic® featuring the Nashville Predators and Dallas Stars.

If you’re unfamiliar with this event, it’s the NHL’s mid-season showcase game held outdoors and he NHL builds a rink in a stadium. Previous Winter Classic games have been held in Chicago’s Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, the University of Michigan’s football stadium, and others. Being in Dallas, it was decided the game would be played in the iconic Cotton Bowl (a perfect place to honor the icons of timeless rock!)

Being the second biggest event of the year for the NHL and a really big deal for the city of Dallas, and as a result it sold out. That means the little 8tracks played in front of 85,630 paid hockey fans… officially.

Why us?? Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but let’s just say Mona Itum (pictured here) of Something Good Productions found us online, submitted us with a couple other local bands to the team at SGP along with representatives of the NHL. After a couple days it was decided we were the band for the job. So there y’go.

The “boss” at SGP, Conor McGill, was awesome being so accessible and reassuring to a band representative (DH) who was feeling a little out of his element over the scope of this thing. Many thanks to him!

While I’m as it, a huge thanks to everyone involved including Amy Regan (logistics,) for here patience with our too-frequent emails and texts, Scott Weinberg (sound and tech,) and his entire crew for being so patient and accommodating, Nirva Milord, VP of Communications of the NHL for her help and patience as we champed at the bit to tell the world, Roni who’s last name I’ve lost (so sorry…) for her steadiness as our “wrangler” and guide through the mayhem of the Cotton Bowl that day, and Brynn Sussman of the NHL for her flexibility and humor as our direct line to the broadcast.

And thank you to our families, friends and their friends for all your patience while we prepared, support and pics from those that attended the game (we’ve posted some of those in the gallery so give ’em a peek.) Particularly Vanessa Todora Crixell for always being there when we need here, and being nothing but wonderful and an amazing talent. But a SPECIAL thanks (and that’s so nearly not enough) to our “band mother” Kim Todora for the many years of support and helping this band grow to what we are today.

We look forward to a BIG 2020 and to seeing many of you at our shows!! Peace to y’all!

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