2019 finds us getting our foot in the doors of new venues and looking forward to a year of changes. New venues and new fans mean we’ll be throwing our act out to a larger audience, and treating them to the type of timeless rock our existing fans have known about for years. To reward those who have supporting us all along, we’re treating you to this cool new website and we’ll be bringing new songs to the stage!

Something we have been needing to do for much longer than we care to admit is new song demos. Thanks to Jeff Borgman who’s built the fabulous studio we rehearse in, and the fabulous Vanessa Todora Crixell for providing lead scratch track vocals, we’re finally putting tracks together that will primarily serve as the audio bed for our upcoming promotional video. JD will be mixing and we can’t wait to share what we know will be first-rate audio with all of you very soon.

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