The 8tracks

The 8tracks

Rewinding Timeless Rock


What??? Not Seen Us Yet?? Well, Check This Out

If you’ve never been to an 8tracks show… well… first of all what are you waiting for?? Second of all, you’ll have to check this out. A HUGE note of thanks to Kim Todora – keyboardist Greg’s wife, biggest fan, staunchest critic and best of friends – for being at[…]

We Want To See Your Pics!!

We love our fans, wouldn’t be anything without you. So we’ve added a new page to our site to celebrate those of you who continue to come out again and again, as well as those who have only recently discovered us. You all love our brand of great “timeless rock”[…]

Back In The Studio; New Demos Coming Soon!

With changes taking place in the band’s lineup and playlist over the past few years it’s been a bit difficult keeping marketing materials up to date, so we’re diving back into the studio to record new demos! With the addition of a new sound system to our cache of gear[…]